How google works ?

Google crawls the web then in ranks the pages (links and reputable links etc are the most important).
Crawling is done everyday, the pages are indexed and then pushed live.
In a search after having found the words in the indexes, they use over 200 ranking factors to rank it.

In ranking they they take into account the proximity of search words, links pointing to it, the actual content and it’s relevance etc.

Here is some advice for new businesses on SEO. New business means that you have below 50 pages of content.

1 301direct your to because is not the same as
2 verify ownership – email forwarding is lets you know if you are under attack.
3 perform a bg check – try using webmaster tools to see what keywords are listed witht that domain – maybe hackers were owners before – in that case good LUCK !

4 see if you are indexed using the site:( search

5 rank when searching the domain

6 include analytics code – once you hire someone to analyze the data.

7 define you r conversion – share service, newsletter etc.

8 include use running shoes insted of athletic footware.

9 titles are displayd in search results

10 click here buttons are not good –

11 page load time 2 secons is max and 0.5 second is the google standart

12 social media – gives you visitors from different sources.

13 focus your energy to where your customer hangs out – stackoverflow, fb, forums, etc.


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